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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Android O to be called 8.0 Oreo

Google has finally announced that Android O will be called 8.0 Oreo. Google has decided to stick with Oreo after teasing names like Oatmeal Cookie, Octopus and even Orangina. This announcement came...

Whatsapp launches new update

  The latest update to the iOS version of WhatsApp includes the ability to apply filters to the photos you’ve taken with WhatsApp. You can apply these filters to photos, videos and...

Think about robots instead of smatphones !

  One day, we will be having robots instead of smartphones. The life-like droids can advise you on various matters, help you buy stuffs, and even make a coffee just the way...



BEAUTIFUL AND EFFICIENT When I laid my eyes on Huawei’s MateBook X, I was like surprised to my nerve. Love at first sight. This Windows...

Whatsapp launches new update