That’s a rise from 19 million not long ago.

DICE’s World War I shooter Battlefield 1 continues to be a very huge hit.
Publisher Electronic Arts announced that this week the game reached 21 million world wide players as of the end of June. Here is EA’s exact telling on the milestone:
“Battlefield 1 had more than 21 million players who are joining the game as of quarter end.” This is great raise from 19 million a few months ago.

Games sales and the revenue tends to grow further still, as DICE will be launching the next expansion pack, In The Name of the Tsar, which is going to be available for buying from September. Overall, EA said that it believes Battlefield 1 will “continue to evolve as a content-rich live service.”

And at Gamescom in August, EA said it will reveal some kind of new … updates for Battlefield 1–and it sounds pretty ambitious.

“At Gamescom, we will detail our plans for a new updation and offering that will bring the richest Battlefield 1 experience yet–including the all-out warfare, which includes epic multiplayer battles and War Stories campaign that have defined the game, plus new maps, deeper progression, and additional fan-favorite modes, all in a single package,” CEO Andrew Wilson said in the prepared remarks.


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