Autonomous cars will soon be delivering your pizza to your door. Yes that is right, the pizza delivery boy could be one of the early jobs to get taken by self-driving cars – and soon. Domino’s has teamed-up with Ford to test the self-driving pizza delivery cars. At the moment they’re being used in Michigan but with a driver since it’s still in the testing  phase. The important part here is to get the final stages of delivery right, says the company. At the moment the car features a screen and speakers. You can open the rear window to get your pizza from a built-in “Heatwave Compartment” that’s keeping it warm and fresh. The goal is to get this system up and running by itself as soon as 2021, in the United States at least. With companies like Volvo claiming its cars will be self-driving on the roads by 2020 this target seems realistic. It is understood that ford has been lagging in the development of driverless vehicles, and the Domino’s experiment truly offers a chance to showcase its technology. Ford expects to begin producing a fully autonomous vehicle that will have no steering wheel and no pedals. The first vehicle is expected to hit roads in 2021. For the Domino’s trial, Ford is providing a self-driving Fusion that scans the road with radar and cameras. The images collected are compared instantaneously with highly detailed digital maps to make sure that the car knows precisely where it is on the road and how to reach its destination on time.


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