Are you fond of music? Everyone in this universe will love to listen to some kind of songs which are close to their heart and wish to share the same to their friends as well as to colleagues. The best way to share music with the world is a radio. So how about setting up Radio Stations? Radio Station in this 21st century! Yes, you have two options. Either you should go with the manual radio set up which is practically very expensive. Or else we should go for Internet Radio hosting which is the most affordable one.

These less expensive Internet Radio’s can be set up immediately and broadcast globally without any government broadcasting fee or licenses. So it is the most preferred option when we are about to start a Radio station.

Advances in technology have given people more ways to access Internet Radio in an affordable way. No need to make investments on any kind of instruments, & no radio waves. You might only require access to the internet. So, now let know more about Internet Radios.

Internet Radio/Shoutcast Hosting

Internet radio involves streaming media, which you can present to your listeners with a stream of audios. Using internet radio services, you are also able to offer news, sports, talk and much more. You just need to choose a hosting platform where you start your own Internet Radio station.


  • Simple to use
  • Live dashboard with last played songs, current listeners, etc.
  • Separate statistics page
  • Listen links for Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, etc.
  • Separate page to customize HTML5 player

How does Internet Radio works?

The Internet radio can be accessed using your web browser, or you can use a media player if you prefer. They support the audio formats such as MP3, OGG, WMA, RA, AAC Plus and others. All of the software media players can play streaming audio’s using these popular formats. 

In the case of Internet radio stations, you don’t have any limitations. If you have access to the internet, then you can listen to any internet radio station from anywhere. In addition, there are no limits to audio transmissions. You will have the option to share graphics, photos, and links with your listeners.

Also, the servers are backed by our 99.99% uptime along with a support team of experts, available around the clock.

With Internet Radio Streaming, you will be having controls panels such as CentovaCast and WHMSonic. Each of these control panels is rich in features, making it easier for you to configure and manage your Internet radio hosting services. These control panels will allow to Start, Stop and Restart a particular Stream.

How to start an Internet Radio Streaming?

To build an internet radio, first of all, you need to purchase the service from the provider. When you check the packages, the amount of storage, bandwidth, bit rates and listeners will be mentioned. As a beginner, the basic plan will be sufficient.

Once you have purchased the plan, the service will be instantly delivered to you. And now you can set up your internet radio and broadcast it to your listeners.

Earning listeners can often be the toughest part of running a radio station. You shouldn’t expect to gain hundreds of listeners overnight. Till the time you gain a handful of people tuned to your radio, you can proceed with the basic Hosting plan.

Once you discover that you have thousands of listeners worldwide accessing your online radio station, you should move to a private server namely known as Shoutcast Dedicated Server. A dedicated server will provide you with full control with plenty of resources allowing you to grow from thousands to millions of listeners worldwide.


Hope you have understood how easily you can set up an internet radio, but finding the right hosting service might be challenging, right?

As a perfect mix of ingredients makes food tasty. Likewise, your service provider must have the best configuration of features such as reliable hardware, a control panel, fastest network etc. Especially eliminating buffering, downtime.

Well, I tried five in all. And choose Ucartz for all radio lovers, widely known for its Internet Radio hosting solutions. Ucartz has both SHOUTcast and Icecast hosting packages. Ucartz scalable SHOUTcast hosting solutions come with Unlimited Disk space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited AutoDJ and DDOS Protection. Ucartz has multiple servers from the UK and USA for Shoutcast service. They offer both Centova and Whmsonic stream hosting control panels because of its feature-rich package, and it’s easy to use.


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