“Apple AirTag” A new device from apple to keep track of your misplaced stuffs like keys bags etc.


Apple’s most recent keen gadget is the AirTag, a little, round shaped tracker that can assist you with finding misplaced things (AirTag tied) with the help of Find My app. The Apple AirTags can be tied to everything like keys, wallets, laptop bags, camera bags etc.

The device works with the Bluetooth range. When the search is on, on the iPhone you can see a green arrow and distance away from your item tagged with AirTag. If your Apple AirTag is stolen it will be locked and cannot be used unless found by the real owner.

AirTag doesn’t have a GPS, which would quickly deplete its battery and bring up security issues. It works with mixed Bluetooth signals. AirTag’s battery life is more than one year and the iPhone will alert you when the battery is low.

AirTag sends out a scrambled Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices in the Find My app network. These devices send the location of your device to iCloud, then on Find My app and see it on a map. The whole process is anonymous and encrypted to protect privacy.

AirTag is water and dust resistant. AirTag can be personalized when you purchase it online Apple store. AirTags are available in single packs and 4 packs, $29 and $99 respectively.

You can buy cost effective cases and covers for your AirTag from airtagd.com


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